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Melody in Human–Cat Communication (Meowsic): Origins, Past, Present and Future

Susanne Schötz (Div. Logopedics, Phoniatrics & Audiology/Humanities Lab, Lund University)
Robert Eklund (Dep. of Culture and Communication,
Div. of Language and Culture, Linköping University)

Joost van de Weijer (Center for Languages and Literature/Humanities Lab, Lund University)

Fonetik 2016


  • Melody in Human–Cat Communication (Meowsic)
    (MAW 2016–2021)
  • Susanne Schötz, Robert Eklund, Joost van de Weijer
  • Summary of
    • how our activities got started 
    • our published results so far 
    • the present situation
    • how we envision our planned, future research
  • Up till now “spare time research”, results mainly presented at Fonetik 2010–2015