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On this page we present news and other information
related to the project.
Press releases and photos can be found here.



  • Susanne Schötz gave a popular scientific talk about the project and related research at the Welcome Day for New Employees at Lund University 12 (in Swedish) and 26 (in English) October  2016. [Watch video]
  • Robert Eklund presented our project at an invited talk at the University of California at Berkeley, Department of Linguistics 13 September 2016, and also gave popular science talks at Linköping University in September 2016. [Presentation slides in English and Swedish]
  • Irma Hammar (Speech and Language Pathology (SLP) student) reported her summer project results from Meowsic at the Medicine Faculty at Lund University. Irma has collected information on where and how cats are used in animal assisted thearpy (AAT) within the field of SLP in Sweden and other countries.
  • August and September 2016: Began our pilot data collection of cat sounds. 
  • Our paper 'Melody in Human–Cat Communication (Meowsic): Origins, Past, Present and Future' was presented at the national Swedish phonetics conference FONETIK 2016 at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm in June 2016.
  • Spring, summer and autumn 2016: Several interviews and articles in national and interational media about our project (see Publications for details).
  • February 1: A press release about the project (in Swedish and English) is available on the project website along with some photos (higher resolution available on demand).
  • January 28: Our first project meeting in Lund.
  • January 19: We celebrated our grant from MAW with "project cake" in the Humanities Lab.


  • December 17: The project received a grant from the Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg Foundation.